LeanCiti is a smart resources platform for sharing information between people, municipalities and communities in Intelligent Cities.

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Working as a social network, LeanCiti enables users to share, compare and manage, any resources-related data: from renewable energy production to water consumption, smart meters reading or greenhouse gas emission.

With LeanCiti you can be part of a community that helps you make informed decisions, plan ahead and utilize resources optimally.

Our Story

LeanCiti is the brainchild of a group of experienced entrepreneurs in the Cloud and Big Data fields, who are passionate about the idea of Smart City.

We believe that a true smart city should benefit its inhabitants: help them optimize resources, support sustainable growth, and promote social and cultural development. We built LeanCiti on the concept that the more data we share, the better our decisions become and so does our quality of life.

Watching analytics in the cloud through the lenses of the city

What is a Smart City

The concept of a smart city normally implies leveraging IT infrastructure in order to connect people and producers of resources within a city or municipality; and it has a huge potential to improve our lives:


Inhabitants can share information that will help them optimize resources and improve their lives: such as lowering water and electricity bills; data on public transportation schedules, parking availability, and neighborhood events and updates.


Businesses can use shared information in order to improve decision making, communicate effectively with customers, and lower waste and pollution emissions.

water and electricity

Resource producers and infrastructure providers can deploy smart grids and sensors, and utilize shared data to optimize infrastructure and provide better service to customers.

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Cities and municipalities can leverage the smart city to engage directly with residents and improve urban management: from resources utilization to water allocation, to transportation and project planning.

LeanCiti: A Smart City Platform that begins with the End-User

is a smart city platform that works as a social network for sharing vital data and improving the lives of people within cities and communities.
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With LeanCiti you can share, compare and manage any type resources data, such as renewable energy production, water consumption, smart meter readings or greenhouse gas emission.

LeanCiti is built on the premise that by sharing information you can tap into a pool of aggregated data that helps you make informed decisions, save resources and benefit others.

data pool

With LeanCiti, users are assured of full privacy and complete control over their data, so they are confident it is used for their benefit alone.

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